Unfortunately, many homeless people have had difficult childhoods entwined with social services, typically finding themselves in and out of care. Carrie’s story followed this pattern. Throughout her life, Carrie had a tumultuous relationship with her parents. At an early age, a violent relationship drove Carrie and her mother away to a women’s refuge, where her […]


How did you become homeless? I was in the USA for 15 years, and I got back to my country, Hungary, with a lot of money and stuff. The same night, I got robbed. So that’s how I became a homeless person. For that five month period, all I had was my ID card and […]


How did you become homeless? I’m not originally from around here, but I came to get away from a violent situation. So, that’s how I ended up on the streets of Manchester. What were your experiences of life on the street? When I first came here, of course I was very scared. Being homeless is […]


How did you become homeless? I’m a trans-lesbian woman and I was in a lesbian relationship. But she tried to assault me – I’m a black belt in jujitsu, so she never managed to lay a finger on me. But she kicked me out and binned all my clothes. So, I was sleeping rough for […]

Jacek’s story

A mixture of things led me to being out of work and having nowhere to stay. I broke up with my girlfriend and ended up losing my job at about the same time. This led to me drinking more and things got worse. I couldn’t pay my rent so my landlord evicted me. I went […]


How did you become homeless? I’d been in prison, but they couldn’t sort me any accommodation for when I was getting out. The housing officer couldn’t get me anything with the housing association because of some problem with rent arrears. My benefits hadn’t been getting paid regularly, and so it had built up this debt […]


This is Izy’s story, in her own words… How did you first become homeless? It started at nine months old, when my Father passed away. After a while, my Mum remarried. The guy was nice at first. But a few years later he got leukaemia and became a very nasty man. He did recover, but […]

Where this started

One September morning, I finally plucked up the courage to speak to a homeless man that I regularly see in Prestwich. That conversation was the start of Street Support. Like many of us, I had noticed an increasing number of homeless people on the streets. I felt really sad and frustrated that in a country like the […]