This is the first of a series of short films outlining people’s individual stories of homelessness in the Greater Manchester area and the many forms it can take. Here’s Christine’s story…   Thanks to Christine for her courage and honesty in telling her story. If you enjoy it, please share it.


How did you become homeless? I came out of a two-bedroom accommodation, which was full of drugs that weren’t mine, with people coming in and out. I had my son living with me, and then my son went to live with my brother, and I’d just come out onto the streets. You can’t bring him […]


How did you become homeless? I was with the mother of my children for 14 years, and after she cheated on me I went downhill. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. There used to be nine of us siblings, I used to have seven brothers but I lost four.. Lost two of […]


Unfortunately, many homeless people have had difficult childhoods entwined with social services, typically finding themselves in and out of care. Carrie’s story followed this pattern. Throughout her life, Carrie had a tumultuous relationship with her parents. At an early age, a violent relationship drove Carrie and her mother away to a women’s refuge, where her […]


This story was kindly shared with us by someone at Barnabus drop in centre who wishes to remain anonymous… How did you become homeless? Well I was studying at Salford, Media and Performance. I was in my first year, and I was going to be an actor. But then my mum kicked me out on […]


How did you become homeless? I was in the USA for 15 years, and I got back to my country, Hungary, with a lot of money and stuff. The same night, I got robbed. So that’s how I became a homeless person. For that five month period, all I had was my ID card and […]


How did you become homeless? I’m not originally from around here, but I came to get away from a violent situation. So, that’s how I ended up on the streets of Manchester. What were your experiences of life on the street? When I first came here, of course I was very scared. Being homeless is […]