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Things Can Change

How a new initiative is helping to tackle homelessness through multi-agency collaboration and alternative giving. An oft-grumbled criticism of society as a whole is that we don’t do enough, collectively, to tackle the problem of homelessness. In many instances, we may be able to find examples that suggest this is true. However, in the case […]

It’s official. Manchester is socks mad!

(A foot-warming tale of kindness and collaboration) 20,000 Pairs of Socks Donated to Homeless Charities in Manchester Over Christmas It’s OK, you’ve read it right. Not 20 pairs, not 200 pairs, not even 2,000 pairs. but 20,000 PAIRS! Our story begins with a man seeing a poster in Manchester. The man? Mike Blackburn, MD of […]

Rebuilding family life

Material needs aren’t the whole story. Daniel doesn’t blame his council for evicting him after a so-called friend wired his electric meter and lived rent-free while Daniel was in hospital after a heart attack. But he did not have the two weeks rent they demanded to let him back and he’s been sleeping on the […]

An ordinary bloke

Thanks to extraordinary Big Change. In a way Craig is a typical rough sleeper. He has no long-term support needs. No mental health issues. No substance abuse. He doesn’t fit the rough sleeper stereotype – but he soon could. Anyone can have the bad luck to end up sleeping rough. Craig was “horrified” when his […]

Sue finds stability again

Preventing homelessness with Big Change connections. Sue was full of hope last year when she left her settled life here to move in with her new partner in London. But her relationship soon became abusive and she had to flee Women’s Aid who found her space in a women’s refuge down south. This year, determined to […]

418 people helped with Big Change fund

As at the end of August 2017, here are the headlines for the Big Change fund so far: £112,000 raised £62,000 disbursed 418 people helped By working in partnership with charities and organisations providing frontline services for homeless people, the Big Change fund enables individuals to make long term positive changes towards ending homelessness. Here are […]