Covid-19 provides move on success

When the lockdown for Covid-19 started there was much concern over the situation of the street homeless. The government made a request to local authorities to “get everyone in” and offered funding for this. In Southampton, the City Council worked closely with the partner organisations forming the charter and has had great success not only […]

Reading – Guide for community groups offering Coronavirus support services

Guide for community groups offering Coronavirus support services Thank you to all the community groups and charities in Reading, who are adapting their services and providing invaluable, additional support and services during this time. It really has been inspirational to see local social action. Your group may now be offering those who are self-isolating the […]

[Webinar] Sharing partnership responses to Covid-19

On Wednesday 1 April, we facilitated a ‘Sharing partnership approach and responses to COVID-19’ webinar.  As well as inviting all Street Support Network partners, we extended the invitation to all other locations we have spoken with over recent months because if there was ever a time for collaboration and sharing best practice, it’s now. We […]

GMHAN Updates 15/04/20

Hi all See below for key information and updates from GMHAN including workstream leads, co-designing the next phases of our response, donations distribution process, and news from people working with families, women and people living in B&Bs. Covid response workstreams The current situation has called for the homelessness sector to organise in an emerging way […]

GMHAN Updates 06/04/20

Hello everyone, We are amazed how much work and collaboration has happened in the last few weeks – we’ve seen the benefits of our existing partnerships and relationships across Greater Manchester and are thankful to everyone who has contributed. As new services and processes are establishing, it seems a good time to check back in […]

GMHAN Updates 27/03/20

Please cascade the following essential information from GMCA into your network. You can signup for future GMHAN updates here. Yesterday, Government released their ‘Everybody In’ directive. This came with a clear message: It’s important for the welfare of both homeless people and staff or volunteers that all communal night-shelters and any street encampments are closed down for the […]


Please find some useful links for COVID-19 ADVICE in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish and all other European languages (issued by the World Health Organisation). English French Chinese Arabic Russian Spanish All European languages We hope this helps