Stories Of Support

Stories of Support: Invisible Cities

This is why we love Stories of Support – we first heard about Invisible Cities when we were chatting to Gerard about The Blankfaces. It’s the coolest thing ever, constantly uncovering brilliant initiatives in this sector. It’s passion and innovation and community spirit that all goes towards helping people who really need it.  Invisible Cities […]

Stories of Support: GMPA 2022 Monitor

A couple of months ago, Greater Manchester Poverty Action published their 2022 Monitor. There’s some pretty alarming stuff in there. It shows how the Government’s levelling up agenda is failing the city and how poverty levels will continue to increase unless urgent action is taken. We believe that this is information that everyone needs to […]

Stories of Support – Get Connected 100

Have we been going on about Digital Inclusion loads recently? Yes. Do we sound like a broken record? We hope not. Is it because the more people we talk to and the more initiatives we hear about, the more we realise how absolutely crucial it is to those experiencing homelessness in a million different ways? […]