Let’s roll out Street Support to Greater Manchester!

Street Support has created a new website that’s the one place to go to find out about all homelessness services in Manchester, and do something to help. It has launched a new app too!




Street Support is a not for profit organisation which helps over 40 frontline charities and volunteer groups improve co-ordination and boost their resources to make a difference in the city. Watch the video below to see what some of the organisations say about it:




Now, we want to roll out Street Support to Greater Manchester to help more people who are homeless.

To do this we need to raise £10k.

The money will be spent on:

  • finding all of the organisations in Greater Manchester that provide support to people who are homeless
  • listing their services on the website/app; who/what/where/when
  • training the organisations to use their own dashboard and list items they need in ‘Give Help’

Imagine this… ALL organisations who help people who are homeless across the WHOLE of Greater Manchester being linked and working together. Having total visibility of which support organisations are out there, where they are and when their services are available. Wow! It is possible. But with Winter not so far away, there’s a need to do this now.

Can you help? If you can, we’d love to talk to you! Please call Gary on 07824 667709 or email him at gary@streetsupport.net.


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