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Spice – how can you help?

Many of you will have seen the recent news coverage on Spice, and probably like everyone here at Street Support felt frustrated, not knowing what can be done to help and make the situation better. The sad reality is, there’s very few known solutions. Legal highs are easily available and unpredictable. There are hundreds of different synthetic cannabinoids which have […]

Giving a fork about the homeless

On 26th March, following on from a successful Christmas meal, the community initiative ForkOff held a Spring meal at a confidential location in South Manchester. Organised for the increasing number of homeless in Manchester’s city centre the event was attended by 34 people who were able to listen to music, enjoy a meal and have […]

132 people helped so far with the Big Change Fund

As at the end of March 2017, here are the headlines for the Big Change Fund so far: £65,000 raised £22,000 disbursed 132 people helped By working in partnership with charities and organisations providing frontline services for homeless people, the Big Change Fund enables individuals to make long term positive changes towards ending homelessness. Here […]

Big screen. Big kindness

Have you seen the new (huge) digital poster for Street Support, displayed at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre? It’s amazing. And what’s also amazing is how this happened: our student volunteer Mike Morris approached Forrest Media for some free space who kindly obliged the photography was provided by our volunteer photographer Paul the digital posters were […]

New Features

We have added a few new features to Street Support to make it even easier for someone experiencing homelessness to find help, and are now working on other improvements with the charter action groups. Here’s a brief overview of what is new… Map View You can now choose to view nearby services for any category on a map. This enables you […]

Companions team up for Paris Salon

A team of formerly homeless people from Emmaus Leeds have visited Paris, France to take part in a Europe-wide charity sale to raise money for charitable projects worldwide. Four companions – formerly homeless people who live and work at Emmaus Leeds – and two staff members teamed up with Emmaus Mossley to fill a van […]

Tyler and Sheryl’s cookery success

A pair of formerly homeless people supported by Emmaus Leeds, have found the recipe to success at Leeds cookery school, Jamie’s Ministry of Food. Emmaus Leeds companions, Sheryl and Tyler, recently completed an 8-week training course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food, based in Kirkgate Market. The pair are now using their new found knowledge and […]

Yorkshire Three Peaks triumph

A team from Emmaus Leeds have completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise funds in memory of their friend and colleague Steven Wall. Steven, who lived and worked at Emmaus Leeds, passed away earlier this year after a two year battle with cancer. The Emmaus Leeds community were keen to carry out an act […]

Co-producing new services

A key part of Manchester City Council’s pledge to the Homelessness Charter last May was “to involve people with experience of homelessness in the development of new models of delivery and decisions about homelessness services.” This Valentine’s Day marked an important step in the deepening relationship between MCC and those who use its homelessness services, […]