Feature: Urban Village Medical Practice

Urban Village Medical Practice (UVMP) is a large GP practice in Ancoats, with over 10,000 registered patients. We are the only commissioned health care service for homeless people in Manchester, and have been providing primary health care to homeless patients for over 20 years. We currently have over 850 registered homeless patients. The Homeless Healthcare […]

On Giving

This isn’t a blog post that is going to give you an easy answer. If there was an easy answer you would already know what it was. This is about a deeply personal choice. It is about confusion over what is the ‘right’ thing to do to help people experiencing homelessness. It is about the feeling […]

Severe weather accommodation

During periods of severe cold weather, additional emergency accommodation is provided by the council (often referred to as SWEP). This is a brief guide to what SWEP is and how it can be accessed.  We hope this will clear up some confusion for those of us who are concerned about people who are sleeping rough, especially over winter. […]

Effective ways to help people who are homeless

The issue of homelessness in Manchester, and around the rest of the UK, is growing. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that we need organised action to tackle this problem, and there are numerous ways in which you can help. Here at Street Support, we’re strong advocates of trying to provide practical support for the homeless community. […]

Manchester Homelessness Charter at 6 months

It’s hard to believe it is 6 months since Manchester Homelessness Charter launched,  yet so much has happened that it feels like a lifetime. We are all very aware of the very difficult situation faced by those who are experiencing homelessness in the city, and are impatient to see change. However we also know how important it is […]

What is needed?

There are so many kind & generous people in the city that want to do something to help people they see on the streets, but it can be really hard to know what is needed. Homelessness is a complex issue, and beyond asking individuals what they need, it’s not as obvious as it might seem how […]

Alternative ways to give

It is heartbreaking to see the rising numbers of people on the streets of Manchester, and really hard to know what to do to help. To add to the confusion, people who we see begging are not necessarily homeless, and others who are homeless may be in hostels, sofa-surfing, in squats or in substandard temporary accommodation. […]

Let’s roll out Street Support to Greater Manchester!

Street Support has created a new website that’s the one place to go to find out about all homelessness services in Manchester, and do something to help. It has launched a new app too!     Street Support is a not for profit organisation which helps over 40 frontline charities and volunteer groups improve co-ordination and boost their resources […]