Four Years of the Bradford Curry Circle

The Bradford Curry Circle is held every Thursday from 7pm in the Carlisle Business Centre, and every Monday from 7pm at the Keighley Association Women and Children’s Centre.   “It immediately struck me that the evening was as much about fulfilling social needs as it was about filling stomachs.”   I was excited to visit […]

Promoting Bradford Cares in Shipley

On the 7th September, in an initiative commissioned by Safer & Stronger Communities Bradford, representatives from Arch, a registered charity that seeks to enable individuals to find meaning in their lives, collaborated with the Shipley Ward Police and a Council Ward Officer on a mission to promote the recently established Bradford Cares initiative. They set up […]

Free activities in Manchester

One little known problem that people experiencing homelessness face is a lack of activities to keep occupied. This can exacerbate other problems and affect mental well-being. There are a range of free daytime activities available to stave off boredom, loneliness and lack of purpose. These activities can provide a great source of emotional and physical […]

What Manchester’s homeless charities need right now

Looking to help but don’t know how? Read on! As winter gets closer and temperatures drop, a lot of people are looking for ways of helping people who are homeless in their city. Street Support Network lets you find out what is needed in your area right now. Watch our new video to find out […]

Sports activities for vulnerable people

  Sports programme for vulnerable people in and around Manchester. Manchester and Sport? They go together like bees and honey. However, now there is a new sporting project set to hit the streets of Manchester to help the most vulnerable. The suPORT programme brings together the likes of football sessions and boxing sessions. The programme is […]

Health and Homelessness: statistics and solutions

We wanted to share some information with you on the impact that homelessness can have on a person’s health. What is homelessness? “Homelessness is a measure of our collective success, or otherwise, in reducing inequalities.” Narrow definitions of homelessness suggest that it means not having a home. Did you know, you can actually be homeless […]

A Volunteer’s View

So, volunteering for homelessness organisations in Manchester. Is it all about ‘doing your bit’? In a way, yes. But it’s also about meeting new people, having a laugh, working as a team, getting some exercise, (trust me, a shift in a busy kitchen burns those cals) and mingling with the good people of Manchester who […]

World Homelessness Day: Update on Manchester Homelessness Charter

Manchester Homelessness Charter has been in progress for 1 year and 5 months since May 2016. It calls for everyone that lives, works or studies in Manchester to get behind the mission to End Homelessness in our city. The partnership includes charities, grassroots groups, city leaders, faith groups, businesses, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police, […]

MHP action groups update

The Manchester Homelessness Charter action groups have now been running for over a year, with people with lived experience, frontline workers and partners coming together to co-produce solutions to common issues identified through the Charter. Last week, Manchester Art Gallery hosted a workshop for the co-chairs of each action group to come together to share what […]

Universal Credit

With more changes to benefits coming including the controversial rollout of Universal Credit (UTC), we asked the department of work and pensions (DWP) to share how this is being implemented in Greater Manchester. There is general information on what Universal Credit is and eligibility here. A useful toolkit with supporting information for customers & partner […]