Freed from the prison of rough sleeping

To stay drug-free Les needs to be off the streets.

For Les, ending up in jail again at 45, with a life of drug abuse contributing to his criminal record, was the final wake-up call.

Les has finally agreed that he’s ready for change. He’s at last talking to the drug services he needs to turn around a life of drug abuse.

By the time he was jailed in 2016 Les had run up £2,000 rent arrears and lost his tenancy. Which is why – on release – we found him heading for the streets to sleep rough. The deposit on a flat he’d found was out of his reach (Probation arrange viewings but don’t pay rent deposits).

Now clean of drugs, rough sleeping puts Les in severe danger of relapsing – just 18 months into his fresh start. We think helping him get this flat, and a bit of furniture to make it homely, will be the lifeline Les needs for a better life off the streets.