Manchester Christmas timetable

We have been overwhelmed with generous offers from the people of Manchester, as have many organisations in the network. It is wonderful and hopeful to see this kindness for others in the midst of the Christmas rush, and we are happy to report that most organisations now have more than enough volunteers and donated items.

Over the Christmas period, many of the usual services are closed, and organisations put on special events. Our new recruit Graham has been putting together a timetable covering Christmas and New Year so that everyone knows where they can go each day. You can download and print the Manchester Christmas Timetable here.

There is also a handy printable map and information sheet of the key services that was produced by the preventing homelessness action group, and reviewed by people who are currently rough sleeping. This is useful for anyone new to Manchester who doesn’t know the services, and that can’t get online to access You can download and print the Manchester Homelessness Services map here.

We are sure there are also services and events being planned for other parts of Greater Manchester. If you would like to let us know so we can share that information with the GM network, please email us details to

Massive thanks to all those trying to support people who are rough sleeping or experiencing homelessness in our city. It is heartbreaking to see people still out and having a hard time, but we stay hopeful seeing so many amazing individuals and organisations doing what they can to turn things around, and to prevent more people ending up on the streets. We hope the generous spirit will continue well into the new year.

Find out what you can do to help, at