We’re fundraising for a paid role within Street Support

We know it’s a really big ask. Street Support Network are currently working at and sometimes beyond capacity. We would like to raise enough funds to create another paid role for someone with personal insight into, and experience of being homeless.

What We Do (Online)

Street Support address the disadvantages of being homeless by mapping all available services, allowing people who are experiencing homelessness, those at risk of becoming homeless, and those who support them to find out where to access the services they need.

Through the website and app, people who are experiencing homelessness or those at risk of becoming homeless, frontline workers, volunteers, the police, the NHS and the public can quickly and easily see which support services are available nearby.

What We Do (Offline)

Our vision is a citizen-led network, where people with personal insight into homelessness, decision makers and people with resources co-create effective solutions together. Supporting partnership working and co-production across Greater Manchester, hearing the range of experiences from frontline and people with personal insight, and that informing what we do. Hosting workshops, enabling conversations and building relationships are just a few of the ongoing activities behind the online presence.

Who We Are

We are currently a small team supported by volunteers and freelancers. (Read more about the team here). We have come to the point where we need an extra pair of hands. We highly value people with personal insight into homelessness and would love to raise enough money to honour that by creating a new role within our team. This new position will enable us to make more connections, share learning and co-produce more effective solutions.

It’s a MASSIVE ask, but if you or anyone you know could help, then please visit our JustGiving page and give what you can. If you are part of a business and would like to help, please contact Dee:

Thanks for your time and your continued support.
Vince, Dee, Viv, Mark, Gary, Graham