The Value Volunteering Has Brought Me

Yin Wai Ho – Greater Together Manchester

I began volunteering for Greater Together Manchester in April 2022. 

I was moved to the UK from Hong Kong two years ago due to the implementation of the Hong Kong security law. Fortunately, the British government gave me a BNO Visa to live here as a second home. It’s because of this that I started my volunteering journey – I really wanted to give back to this beautiful country. 

After a quick Google search, I came across Greater Together Manchester.

Volunteering has been a very special experience for me. I met new friends who really made it easier getting used to my new environment.

Volunteering with others encourages you to build meaningful relationships with others. Very quickly I found myself sharing my highs and my lows, and listening to others’ too. It makes me feel I’m part of a community. When I’m having a tough time, they are the people I go to. They listen, offer advice and often share their experiences too. Being able to have that support system is so important to me.

I think volunteering helps us understand ourselves better. We learn our weaknesses and we strengthen them. We learn our strengths and we build confidence.

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