Web developers needed

We are looking for web developers who share our mission to #EndHomelessness.

We would love to hear from anyone with DotNet, Ionic or front end skills who genuinely cares about ending homelessness and wants to do something to make a difference.

We have a list of features the network say are needed, and we co-produce the solutions with personal experience of homelessness and frontline workers. We need to find the right people to grow our team and enable this to happen.

With a limited budget, we are building a community of volunteers who meet once a month at our ‘Raising Bee’ events, and work on features in their spare time.  Aswell as developers we need creative, UX, content writing, marketing, product owners/BAs and project management support. If you are Manchester based and interested in getting involved, you can signup for our next event on EventBrite.

In addition, we need to find 1 or 2 full stack DotNet freelancers to work on projects as they come up and when we have funding available. We have requests coming in from other cities, and some new features requested by action groups. If you have the skills, share our values, and are open to a short term or part time contract. Please get in touch with your cv and/or questions via admin@streetsupport.net.

Our core team is based in Manchester, but we are open to people working remotely, and also to setting up working teams in other locations. We are also live in Leeds, Bradford, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and soon in Liverpool.

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