How Are We Doing?

As we prepare for a new year we are keen to get people’s feedback on what’s working and what we can improve.

To help us gather feedback we are carrying out interviews with a variety of people. If you are happy to be interviewed please contact Graham (one of our co-investigators). Where possible we would like to record parts of the conversation via audio or film.   We would also love you to complete this survey, and share it with others, to help us gather some broader data and comments.

This will information will inform the organisation’s further development.  It will also help Street Support comply with evaluation and monitoring needs for existing funders and build a compelling case for further resources.  

As with everything we do at Street Support, many hands were involved in shaping the survey.  Graham Wood, Clare Devaney and Eve Holt have taken a lead as our co-investigators.  We are also very grateful for input from Hendrix at Coffee4Craig and  Gill one of our Street Support Trustees.

We look forward to sharing the conclusions with you early next year as well as our thoughts on next steps.