Social Media Students work – The Journey

Two student groups worked with Street Support Action Southampton to produce two different videos as part of their final year studies at Solent University which are now available to see.

The two groups took different approaches, one created a short animated film called The Journey, which aims to spread awareness of homelessness and encourage charitable action, using the hashtag #GiveAHandToChange.  Using an apple to represent the journey of rough sleepers, the film aims to be inclusive of all aiming to create a healthy and positive mindset about helping those in need and start a more empathetic conversation around rough sleeping. The other produced a split screen video called Emma’s Story.

Course leader for BA (Hons) Media Production, Roy Hanney, said “the wonderful thing about a live project like this, is that it gives the students an opportunity to bring all of the skills, knowledge and understanding together and apply it to a campaign that has real social value.

Students use their media skills, marketing know-how and work as a team to deliver a project for a real client, it’s very much a capstone module where everything they have done on the course for the previous three years comes together in one creative brief.”

The students comments about the project:

“In the process of developing the story, Paul Woodman told us a lot about how people become homeless and what they often have to endure during and previous to being homeless. It really opened my eyes to just how much they go through. I am glad that we were able to help fight homelessness, even if it is just in this small way.” – Alicia Graf

“Many people judge only by appearance and do not really try to know what is going on behind. By doing the animation, I learned that this is a very sensitive subject, that with a small difference someone can judge or feel hurt. Many people have great difficulties in their life that just by looking is very difficult to tell and they deserve help like anyone else.” – Marianna Di Pasquale Fidalgo

“Working with Street Support Southampton has been an extremely valuable experience, not only has it provided me with a new perspective but also taught me how to convey important information regarding a cultural issue under the guidance of industry professionals, a lesson I will carry with me into all future projects.” – Mia Lukeman-Knight

“This project was a wonderful experience professionally, as it was a great partnership that really had such valuable and creative inputs from everyone. But more importantly I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn so much about a topic that I think we don’t speak or hear enough about. It truly was a project that allowed me to grow as a person as well and I will be forever thankful for that.” – Carolina Galbraith Duarte

“Working with Street Support and their team has been a great experience and I am very proud to have been part of this beautiful project.” – María Antunez Castellano

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