Intro to Coventry Citizens Advice

Coventry Citizens Advice makes changes to its advice model in anticipation of an increase in demand for independent advice services

Coventry Citizens Advice (CCA) has changed the way that people can access its advice services, in anticipation of a predicted increase in demand, by transitioning to a ‘telephone first’ model.

This was trialed in March 2020, when the first lockdown took place and advisors could not provide face-to-face advice, and found to be a great success. 

Beverly Street, Core Service Manager, said that they have been looking to improve client contact processes since the pandemic began and believes the new system will benefit clients even more as pandemic restrictions are slowly left behind:

We used to offer full advice when someone called but we are changing to a triage system now where you will be asked what you require help with. We will either signpost or refer you to an appropriate agency if we can’t help, give support to accessing self-help if relevant, or book an appointment for matters which require more assistance.  Appointments will primarily be over the telephone but face-to-face or virtual appointments via video calls can also be made if the telephone is not appropriate.

This new model of advice replaces the previous reliance on in-person client Interventions.

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