His name was Kevin

Written by Rachel Yates from the JustLife Foundation Everyone who works with vulnerable people has their one, the first death or the one which made the most impact, mine was Kevin. It was the shock of Kevin’s death which stuck with me as it was completely unexpected, he was starting to get help… It was […]

Artist Now In Residence

A beautiful sunny lunchtime in Manchester. It seems to happen quite regularly these days, touch wood. Mooch from The Big Change and Graham from Street Support are heading to Chorlton to see Steph and Becky at Reach Out To The Community. Reach Out To The Community is a shop and community hub in which raises […]

Things Can Change

How a new initiative is helping to tackle homelessness through multi-agency collaboration and alternative giving. An oft-grumbled criticism of society as a whole is that we don’t do enough, collectively, to tackle the problem of homelessness. In many instances, we may be able to find examples that suggest this is true. However, in the case […]


The next in a series of short films outlining homelessness in the Greater Manchester area and the many forms it can take. Thanks to Dave for his courage and honesty in telling his story.    

A Volunteer’s View

So, volunteering for homelessness organisations in Manchester. Is it all about ‘doing your bit’? In a way, yes. But it’s also about meeting new people, having a laugh, working as a team, getting some exercise, (trust me, a shift in a busy kitchen burns those cals) and mingling with the good people of Manchester who […]